I have been practicing and teaching Hatha yoga for over 10 years and love sharing this transformational practice with others.  Hatha yoga is the physical aspect of yoga.  It is the root of all of the different styles of yoga that are being taught in today's modern world.  Regardless as to what you see in yoga magazines or in advertisements, yoga has nothing to do with how flexible your body is or whether or not you can touch your toes.  Yoga is a practice that is available to people of all ages and all body types.  Essentially, yoga is a moving meditation that stills the mind.  When the mind settles, you access your natural state of being which is inner-peace.  When you access inner-peace on the mat, it beings to permeate your life off the mat as well and your entire experience of life changes.  Check out the events page, to see what classes I'm offering in your neighborhood!