I offer channeled spirit guide readings via e-mail.  The way channeling works, is that a group of high-level guides blends in my energetic field, and speaks directly and fully through me.  As spirit speaks through me, I record the message for you.  I then send it to you as an MP3 recording.  I am a semi-trance channel.  What that means, is that I am fully conscious and able to interact with the guides as they speak through me.  This allows me to ask additional questions when needed and have a fun, interactive conversation with the guides.  Because of their higher perspective, they have the ability to see everything that is going on in our lives.  What I love about my guides, is that their guidance is simple and practical, but also very powerful.  When I channel, my guides become your guides as they access whatever information is for your highest and best in the moment.  They can provide you with much needed insight into personal questions, concerns, issues, or situations that you are dealing with.  Their guidance is always loving and supportive.  The cost of a spirit-guide reading is $55 payable upon receipt of the reading.  To schedule, reach out via the form below.  You might also enjoy reading spirit's messages on my Spirit Wisdom page. 

"Darren's spirit guide reading came at the perfect time! It was filled with both light and comfort, as well as clear and practical guidance regarding how to improve my situation. I followed the guidance, and sure enough, within a few weeks I found myself on much more stable ground in my life. I highly recommend others to experience the Divine support that Darren and his guides offer with this beautiful service." - Stephanie L.