Reiki Level 2 Cost is $333
To reserve your spot, a deposit of $50 for each class is required.  This deposit may be used towards a healing session if you need to cancel. Balance due 1 week prior to the start of class. 

During this next level of Reiki training, you will learn more advanced techniques that will give you the confidence to step forward as a reiki practitioner and start working with paying clients.  You will receive the two level 2 reiki attunements and connect to the reiki energy on an even deeper level.  

Class will include:  

  • Description of 3 reiki symbols, including how to draw them, their meaning, and when and how to use them 
  • Plenty of practice time to use symbols in a full session 
  • Hatseuri-Ho Meditation Experience
  • Reijo-Ho / Intuitive Reiki  
  • Scanning and healing the human energy field 
  • Introduction to Chakras 
  • Distant Healing Techniques 
  • Advanced healing techniques such as beaming 
  • Using Reiki for manifestation 
  • An introduction to sound healing with koshi chimes, the Native American frame drum, and the voice 
  • How to hold space that enables your clients to heal in an empowered way 
  • How to set up your own reiki practice and get clients