• It's good to slow down: We were never meant to live in a state of constant stress.  By taking time for self-care through practices like yoga, reiki, meditation, and healthy living habits, we realign with our indwelling sense of peace, happiness, and calm.     
  • The body was meant to move: Ten years ago, when my mind would race at 100 miles an hour 100% of the time, yoga became my saving grace.  Yoga is a moving meditation that  both nurtures the body and stills the mind.  I highly recommend it! 
  • We are what we think: For me, prayer & meditation is as habitual as eating, sleeping, and brushing my teeth.  Prayer offers us a direction connection to source.  Meditation helps us become aware of our thoughts so we can choose better ones.  Meditation is also the gateway to the true self which is eternal bliss.  
  • We are what we eat: The food that’s best for us comes from the Earth, not from a can.  Good health is achieved by eating healthy most of the time and indulging in treats every once in a while (which is I just had a delicious chocolate brownie). 
  • I’m a big fan of creativity: Creativity stills the mind and helps us to connect to our true essence.  For me it means writing music, performing music, writing, acting, and occasionally dancing like nobody’s watching.  What about you? 
  • Smiling, laughing, and experiencing joy are essential to life: Part of why we are here, is to smile, laugh, and have a good time!  It's important to seek out these moments in life.  If you're having trouble finding them, I'm happy to tell you a silly joke. :-) 
  •  Love really does make the world go round: The greatest success in life, is to move from the head to the heart and to be an expression of what we are… LOVE!  Returning to love is a practice and a journey but one that is well worth it!  
  • We are ascending: The vibration of mother earth is rising and with it, so is the consciousness of humanity.  Sure, there’s a lot of craziness in the world.  But the overall arch of humanity is that we are awakening to our divine nature and there is lots of love being spread around. 
  • Humor is essential to life: With that said, Bon Jovi was the best 80’s rock band, Dumb & Dumber is the greatest comedy movie ever, and the 1st girl I ever kissed in the 8th grade made a big mistake breaking up with me after just 1 week!