As an intuitive life coach, I offer personalized coaching sessions that empower you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in life.  My approach is results-orientated.  By integrating left-brain practicality with a heart-centered, intuitive perspective, I inspire clients to go after their dreams while staying grounded in practical strategies and timelines.

The focus of coaching is always you and your unique needs as an individual.  I can help you define your mission, set goals, take inspired action to achieve those goals, break through inner and outer obstacles, and tackle any other challenges as they arise.  Occasionally, my spirit guides might pop in to offer their insight and wisdom when needed (you can read their messages here: /spirit-wisdom).

Ultimately, my desire is to hold the space for your awakening as a powerful co-creator with an all-loving universe who seeks to to fulfill the desires of your heart.  As you begin to rewrite the story of your life, awaken to new possibilities, and align with that which you are seeking, you just might discover that the universe does indeed revolve around you!  

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