As I've journeyed forward along my own path of healing and facilitating healing for others, I've come to understand that great healing is possible for us all through the divine transmission of love.  Everything is vibration and love is the highest vibration that is available for us to experience.  As I've opened up to receiving transmissions of love from divine angelic energies, I myself have become a channel for these energies.  

With the intention to support your healing in any way I can, I always call forward the angelic realm and ascended masters to be present for healing sessions.  I often feel their energies flowing through me and merging with my own energy field to support you during a reiki session.  Recently, my angels gave me a message that reflects what happens when we open up to receiving divine love: "When we truly allow ourselves to let the love in, what is not the essential true you'is released". 

In my opinion, the goal of healing is to feel so much love in your heart that you can not but laugh and smile.  This is your soul singing.  When the soul sings, the physical body rearranges itself on a cellular level to reflect who you know you are as love and joy.