"I went to Darren for my first Reiki session soon after a traumatic experience that I could not shake off. No matter how much I meditated or tried to calm myself down I could not. I felt like I was knocked unto the wrong track and could not find a way to get myself back to where I needed to be. When I met Darren he was very warm and gentle; he took the time to sit with me and listen to why I was there, how I was feeling and also to explain what to expect. Reiki with Darren was the most needed and incredible experience of my year. It was not only in the session itself that I felt relaxed and peaceful but I was also able to carry that peace with me. There was an immediate shift in my energy, as if the huge dam that was blocking the flow of energy was suddenly lifted.  A realignment of energy if you will! Whatever brought you to his website, I highly recommend you give Darren a try and see how things start changing for the better!" - Millie T. 

"Since I moved to NYC from upstate New York, I've been having a lot of issues accessing and maintaining the peace, love and joy within myself that nature so easily granted me at home. As soon as I walked into Darren's space, I immediately felt a sense of calm and healing. His energy was very warm and welcoming, making him a very easy person to open up to, verbally and energetically. Darren kindly discussed my issues in depth with me and gave me the tools I need to live more mindfully in a chaotic city. I've always left my sessions feeling grounded, comfortable and true in my body, and mindful. I highly recommend his services." - Melissa M.

I've already sang Darren's praises to my friends and co-workers. It has been several days since my reiki session and I still feel the affects of his healing. I left feeling lighter and happier than I have in months!  His sensitivity to energy is remarkable and I could feel the high vibrations he channeled into my chakras. He is very connected to the spirit. Will definitely return. - Daniel M. 

As someone who is fascinated by wholistic healing, I gravitated towards Reiki and thankfully happened upon Darren. He has a grounding and welcoming presence, which is a refreshing shift from the hustle and bustle of NYC life. The space for the sessions is equally calming with inspirational quotes, yoga music, a diffuser, and delicious tea! The Reiki session gave me a safe environment to relax. Overall, I highly recommend Reiki with Darren. - Sophia R. 

I had the pleasure of working with Darren in one of my first Reiki sessions. As someone who is new to Reiki, Darren immediately put me at ease. He was incredibly attentive in our initial consultation, and worked with me to determine my areas of concern/focus prior to beginning energy work. He is deeply intuitive, and fully present throughout the work. His space was clean and soothing, and I left feeling open and released. Darren is absolutely lovely, and genuinely cares about his clients. He was fully accessible to me after our session, and took the time to address several questions I had regarding things that came up for me after we finished our work. I would highly recommend working with him! - Carolyn C. 

This was my very first Reiki session. I've always been into holistic healing and spirituality and Darren was the IDEAL reiki master to introduce me to the power of reiki! He was insightful, intuitive and very welcoming from beginning to end. Darren went as far as following up post-session to see how I was feeling. I've felt clearer afterward and will definitely be returning for a second session with Darren. - M. Tejada 

I was new to Reiki when I first met Darren and I had a wonderful experience. Darren was very kind and welcoming. His home is peaceful and I felt completely at ease. The session was very relaxing and I had great results. I had back issues coming in and the pain was significantly reduced after the session. I am eager to go back! - Cecilia O. 

I'm feeling so much better!!! And to top it off, after I left the session, I got an audition for this Tuesday for the lead in a play and my first audiobook came out on Audible. I don't think that's a coincidence. My pain seems better too. - Stephanie G. 

I went without expectations and I left feeling extremely calm.  I made the appointment because I've felt ongoing anxiety for some time now. Basically felt 'off' for a while. I truthfully did not think it would help, but it did! I feel more 'on' now and I thank you Darren!  It's been a week and I still feel the same calm I felt when I left.  I'll definitely be back. - Min M. 

Darren gave me what my soul and body need it! Very professional and caring, You can tell he does this job to help people and that is what we need in this world! Since my first session I can feel the shift on my energy and my body is healing from a chronic pain that was really bothering me.  Thanks Darren! - Ramona B. 

Darren is great! He actively listens to what you are seeking prior to the session and then provides insightful feedback afterwards. He is also very responsive (through emails) if you have any questions days after your session. You will be cared for in his hands! - Maline T. 

Darren is very warm and calming. I particularly liked that he sat with me and discussed my needs beforehand. I learned so much about reiki and I'm feeling great. I will definitely be back!​​​​
- Michelle L.

Darren's spirit guide reading came at the perfect time! It was filled with both light and comfort, as well as clear and practical guidance regarding how to improve my situation. I followed the guidance, and sure enough, within a few weeks I found myself on much more stable ground in my life. I highly recommend others to experience the Divine support that Darren and his guides offer with this beautiful service. - Stephanie L.  

I had been juggling an important decision for a while and was not coming to any conclusion about it. My friend recommended I try an e-mail spirit guide reading with Darren. I was a little bit skeptical about how it would go, but my friend had just raved about it so I wanted to give it a shot. Not only did it help me make a decision, I had no doubt in my mind that it was the right one. The advice the guides gave me was very practical and really resonated with me. I’m so glad that I could get what I needed out of this reading and if I’m ever in a similar situation again, I will definitely be contacting Darren.” - Mervin R. 

 I contacted Darren about coaching and he worked me in right away. Working with him was such a blessing. He helped me figure out what my goals were and how I could reach them. Darren made me feel very cared for and because of this, I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who isn’t where they want to be in their life. - Jackson B.

For a long time, I had a vague idea of how I wanted my life to look, but I had absolutely no idea how to get there or what action I needed to take in order to change my life for the better. Darren helped me do that! He worked closely with me to better define my goals and then helped me to come up with solutions and ways to work through the things that were stopping me from getting there! I am so happy I found his services!  - Marie F.

Darren helped me through a really tough time and I’m so thankful for that. I felt like I walked out of every session with a better idea of where I was going with my life, and with a more secure plan on how to get there. He taught me how to live a healthy life by utilizing meditation and other healthy habits. Now, I have daily rituals that help me start my day off right and maintain a great mindset throughout the day. I am more driven and motivated to work towards my goals.- Emily P.

I had just recently lost a job and I felt very lost in my life. I didn’t know what my next step was or how to feel secure again. A friend recommended that I schedule an appointment to see Darren— he had used his services before as well. So, I did, and I’m so glad for it— he coached me through everything and made sure that I could stay positive, motivated, and set reachable goals for myself. Since seeing him, I have a plan and I am on the path to success. I am very grateful.- Allen R.